Metal Awning

Awnings can be made from many different materials – fabric, acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass, wood or metal  to  list the most common ones . Each one of these has it’s advantages and disadvantages, benefits and shortcomings. We will make separate reviews about them all  and today we will start with the hard-working, durable, strong and low maintenance  metal awnings.

The metal awning have multiple uses and are popular with homeowners for many reasons. They are the toughest awnings available. They offers a solid protection from the elements. They can easily hold many pounds of snow, sleet or hail  in the winter or keep an area nice and cool in the summer.  There are models on the market specifically  designed and rated to stand up to hurricane speed winds. If you need serious protection from the heat and/or the cold, the awnings made of metal should be a top choice. And just to mention this real quick – if you are a fan of the NFL and like playing fantasy football, Draftkings has the best offer for online video poker! All you need to do is use this Draft kings promo offer when you sign up for a new account and you are all set!

Benefits of the metal awnings:
1) Durability – as mentioned above , these are the thoroughest, most durable awnings out there. With proper installation and care they can withstand any temperature and any weather condition. They do not  fade or stain.

2) Long life span – unlike the awnings made of cloth for example , the metal awnings last for decades

3) Easy maintenance – just a quick hose with water or a quick swipe with a wet sponge

4) Energy savings – it’s no secret that in a typical home the biggest energy loss happens through the doors and windows. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers  when the sun shines directly on southern-facing windows, a metal awning reduces heat gain by up to  65 percent.  The savings on your monthly  heating / cooling bill can and will  be significant. Some experts claim a reduction of up to $200 a year! Ain’t that amazing – such fairly small home-improvement can lead to such huge benefits!

5) Curb Appeal – you can find them in all shapes , sizes and styles. They can easily compliment your outdoor area , not look out of place and  be a distraction.

6) Provide privacy – they can come very handy  on  street-facing windows

7) The “Pleasure” benefit – having a metal awning on your porch or deck keeps it up  to 20 degrees cooler in the summer. Why suffer in the scorching heat when you can sit, relax  and enjoy your day under a nice shade? This is by far our favorite benefit –  saving money, energy and the extreme durability are nice too but can you really put a price on comfort?

8) Versatility – read more on this one below

9) Protect furniture from fading 

10) Offer protection from harmful UV rays

metal awnings

Styles of metal awnings 

There are typically 2 styles : stationary and retractable. As you’ve probably guessed by their names , the stationary ones are installed in a single, permanent position and cannot be move. They are considerably cheaper than the retractable ones but if you want to let the sun in or out of the house  the overhead potion doesn’t move  and will need a few tools and a bit of skill to remove them completely. On the other hand the retractable metal awnings are more convenient but considerably more expensive. There are 2 models here: one that is operated by hand and one which comes with a motor (naturally these are usually the most expensive ).

Where to put Your metal awnings

One of the great benefits of the metal awnings as we wrote above is their versatility. They can be placed in any place that needs better climate control, overhead shade and protection from the elements. We don’t think we really have to make a list of uses and place to put them but here it is anyways:

  • Over porches and decks
  • Over windows
  • Over doors
  • Over carports
  • Over backyards

So that’s about it about the metal awning, please check our other posts about door, RV, porch and aluminum awnings if you’d like. Also we have posts about how to keep your awnings in the best possible shape And don’t forget to visit back regularly for more information and special deals on different home improvement projects!

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